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If you try to build exim on a DirectAdmin server and it fails with error: 'EC_KEY' undeclared, here you can find a possible solution of the issue.
If emails on your Directadmin server stopped delivering to your users, and the error "550 Email blocked by" is reported, here is what you should do.
How to make Exim to send messages with IP assigned to other users is described here. And here in the article you can find some bash scripts for generating files with IP data automatically.
If you receive this alert: "ALERT: exim paniclog /var/log/exim/paniclog has non-zero size, mail system possibly broken" after you upgraded Directadmin version, here we will let you...
You might consider configuring exim to exclude original message from bounce in order to reduce chances to get blacklisted by other mail servers. As they might think that you are spamming them.
A step-by-step How-To on the subject is inside. With that you'll learn how to configure da_exim and da_dovecot to use Sieve email filters, and how to configure roundcube to manage the rules.
I have set up dmarc on the server. I am receiving daily reports from Yahoo and Hotmail with no problem. But email reports from Gmail from address: are...
Should you see any TLS/SSLrelated errors "tls_post_process_client_hello:no shared cipher" in Exim's logs the reason might be still the same. Check the details here
As soon as you enable Pigeonhole with Exim and Dovecot you get email quotas not working any longer. And here is a way how to enable them back with Dovecot.
To switch Exim+Dovecot+Sieve to LMTP from LDA one need to apply some changes
Exim drops an error: Exim configuration error in line 929 of /etc/exim.conf: failed to open included configuration file /etc/exim.spamassassin.conf. Here is a possible solution.
If PHP scripts running under an old version of the language fail to connect to SMTP server under Directadmin, and in logs can you see lines containing "TLS error on connection from...
I know DirectAdmin supports Rspamd spam filtering system. How to install it on a Linux server with the control panel?
By default dovecot if mailbox quota is exceeded drops a 552 error which would mean that exim declines the message without further retry to deliver it: Requested mail action aborted:...
I want to modify exim.conf, but it gets overwritten every time when I update it with DirectAdmin. What can I do to solve it?
If you want remove Exim version number on a Directadmin server, then here is a guide for you.
Why is that a bad idea to use whitelist_domains and whitelist_senders on DirectAdmin servers? Check the article to learn details.
Directadmin developers released BlockCracking 1.8 and if you upgraded its version without upgrading exim configs you will most likely have an issue with sending emails. Here is a quick way
Should you happen to see lines warning about "unauthorized connection from [11.22.33.xx]:56450 to port 783, fd 6 at /usr/bin/spamd line 1603" here is a possible solution.
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