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custombuild 2

If you try to build exim on a DirectAdmin server and it fails with error: 'EC_KEY' undeclared, here you can find a possible solution of the issue.
I've got a Directadmin server with Exim+Dovecot+RoundCube. Is there a way to let users create autoresponder via webmail?
If directadmin with custombuild fail to build or update a service and the error "cannot run C compiled programs" is dropped, here we suggest one of the possible solutions.
Should you need a custom version of NGINX or any other software on directadmin powered server with custombuild 2.x, here you can see a working solution.
Fixing an error which one might face with CustomBuild 2, when running secure_php: Backslash found where operator expected at -e line 1, near "s##disable_functions = show_source,...
If Dovecot update/build with custombuild fails with an error: "sha1.h:80: error: static or type qualifiers in abstract declarator", here is a how to fix it.
If you have a custom installation of cURL with support of HTTP/2 and the recent version 7.54.0 fails to built with the error: implicit declaration of function...
If after a recent update of nginx you faced the issue with starting it and see an error: Starting nginx: nginx: [emerg] BIO_new_file("/etc/nginx/ssl.crt/dhparams.pem") failed. Here is a...
If you want to add nginx-upload-progress-module to NGINX in custombuild2, it will need to be compiled in. The module that needs to be compiled in will have an --add-module type flag which...
We are glad to share a new great feature that appeared in Directadmin since 1.5 version that was released a day ago. With this you can install an absolutely free SSL certificate...
Should you want to run PHP scripts in behalf of the script owner. Or you have issues with modifying uploaded via HTTP files in a FTP client or in Directadmin File Manager.  Probably...
There are some ready tools to manage MySQL dumps in a console on Directadmin server. And here we'd like to say a couple of words about most useful of them.
If you want to set individual settings for PHP on a server with Directadmin and Custombuild 2, then for php-fpm and php-fastcgi you can use the following instructions.
If for any reason you want to uninstall proftpd and/or pureftpd in Directadmin and don't want to run any FTP server at all. Here is a guide on how to complete it.
Let's say you want to use a 3rd party or your own patch for Apache, Exim, etc before to compile a software by custombuild script on a Directadmin server and here is a way for you to go.
Want to have nginx_mainline installed on your server to gain from using HTTP/2, here are new-way instructions on how to install it with an automatic script.
Want to have nginx_mainline installed on your server to gain from using HTTP/2, here are instructions on how to install it manually or with a simple bash script.
It was noticed that caching does not work in NGINX if to try and enable it on a Directadmin server when using NGINX+Apache scheme. Here you can learn why...
Whatever the reason might it be, if you decided to remove ClamAV previously installed by CustomBuild script on a Directadmin server here is a guide on how you can do it.
Should you need to install old and unsafe PHP 5.x on FreeBSD 12.x server with DirectAdmin here you can find a short guide on how to achieve it.
The Custombuild script from DirectAdmin can be used to install a phalcon extension for PHP 7+.
Question: I have installed Directadmin on CentOS 7 64 bit. Everything is fine except for MariaDB version which is too old 5.5.41 (2014-12-21), and I want to update it. But it seems it's...
If any try to update MySQL 5.6.x on a Debian server with Directadmin fails, and you see that download of a archived file can not succeed due to the fact of the missing file. Here is a way...
Should you get an access denied error when trying to import a dump into MySQL via Directadmin or phpMyAdmin, saying that you need at least one of the SUPER privilege(s) for this operation,
Since custombuild 2 gives us opportunity to have a reverse-proxy NGINX Apache on a server and that's quite easy to start using it, we need a small customization to get content cached with...
NGINX 1.13.0 mainline version has been released on 2017-04-25 with a support of TLSv1.3. And while we are waiting for an official release of OpenSSL 1.1.1 we prepared a guide on how to get
If you still run a server with CentOS 5.x and want to install PHP 7.x on the server with Directadmin and build process interrupts with an error "undefined reference to isfinite", here you...
If PHP 7.1 fails to build on a Directadmin server with the error saying "libtool: link: `ext/gd/gd.lo' is not a valid libtool object" here you can find a possible solution, which worked...
Custombuild 2 allows us to have a reverse-proxy NGINX + Apache on Directadmin powered server without a need for any 3rd party scripts or plugins, addons. That's quite easy to start using it.
Directadmin developers released BlockCracking 1.8 and if you upgraded its version without upgrading exim configs you will most likely have an issue with sending emails. Here is a quick way
If you want to have the latest version of NGINX installed on your server with Directadmin here is what you can do about it.
Up to 4 PHP versions can now be supported by Directadmin from a box. No need to use 3rd party addons, customization, or whatever else. 
Here you can see a short guide on how to configure Nginx as a reverse proxy to support WebDAV, CalDav, CardDAV methods: PROPFIND, OPTIONS, PUT, DELETE, MKCOL, COPY, MOVE, which as of today
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