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| 12:41:4019.09.2016
If after an account restoration or any other action you don't see a domain on a "Custom HTTPD Configurations" page in Directadmin, and you are still sure that domain exists at an user level on a server, then there is a quick way to get it fixed.
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| 12:28:3001.08.2016
A usernames leakage on Directadmin servers through phpMyAdmin logs was recently discovered. And here we will guide you through the security update in order to protect your server against this vulnerability.
| 13:10:0819.07.2016
On July 18th, 2016, a CGI application vulnerability, referred to as "HTTPoxy", was disclosed. An attacker can exploit vulnerable deployments by passing an HTTP Proxy header with their request, which will alter the URL used by the application when contacting backing services. This can be used to leak credentials, modify responses to the application, etc.
| 11:49:2104.07.2016
If Dovecot update/build with custombuild fails with an error: "sha1.h:80: error: static or type qualifiers in abstract declarator", here is a how to fix it.
| 00:36:4401.07.2016
It was noticed that caching does not work in NGINX if to try and enable it on a Directadmin server when using NGINX+Apache scheme. Here you can learn why...
| 14:31:5816.05.2016
If Apache or nginx does not start after Let's Encrypt cert renewal, and you see an error "certificate routines: X509_check_private_key:key values mismatch)" with nginx, here is a solution.
| 20:09:0405.05.2016
If System Backup on your Directadmin server fails to upload to a remote storage via SCP, and you are sure that RSA/DSA key is fine and there is not issue with connectivity, then here is a possible reason and a solution. 
| 13:25:0129.03.2016
As of today Keep-Alive is disabled in nginx configs when using it as a reverse proxy in front of Apache, both installed with Custombuild 2.0 on Directadmin server. Here you can learn how to safely enable it.
| 12:39:5322.02.2016
We are glad to share a new great feature that appeared in Directadmin since 1.5 version that was released a day ago. With this you can install an absolutely free SSL certificate from Let's Encrypt. Have fun with this.
| 20:26:4817.02.2016
Want to have nginx_mainline installed on your server to gain from using HTTP/2, here are instructions on how to install it manually or with a simple bash script.
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