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| 22:51:2403.04.2017
If Directadmin fails to write customization into NGINX configs with an error "Unable to write customization" and details show "24: Too many open files" when checking its configuration. That happens due to nproc limit of Directadmin.
| 23:10:4810.03.2017
Installation of PECL extensions on a server with Directadmin is rather simple, but at the same time many users are confused with it. Here is a guide on how to make it in a easy way.
| 00:00:5807.02.2017
I have set up dmarc on the server. I am receiving daily reports from Yahoo and Hotmail with no problem. But email reports from Gmail from address: are frozen and rejected by the server.
| 10:59:5703.01.2017
If for any reason you want to uninstall proftpd and/or pureftpd in Directadmin and don't want to run any FTP server at all. Here is a guide on how to complete it.
| 22:09:3324.11.2016
Should you want to run PHP scripts in behalf of the script owner. Or you have issues with modifying uploaded via HTTP files in a FTP client or in Directadmin File Manager.  Probably you see various errors similar to "Permission denied". Then you might consider installing mod_ruid2 to your mod_php.
| 16:33:5323.11.2016
Did you renew a SSL/TLS cert and an old one is still showing up? And you think it's a Let's Encrypt strange renew problem? Added a domain but still see "Nginx is functioning normally" or "Apache is functioning normally"?
| 11:08:3309.11.2016
There are two ways to deal with WordPress Multisite on Directadmin powered server, and you should choose one according to your preferences and requirements. First of all you should ask yourself a question, and an answer on it will help to determine a way which you will go.
| 22:23:0003.11.2016
You might consider configuring exim to exclude original message from bounce in order to reduce chances to get blacklisted by other mail servers. As they might think that you are spamming them.
| 11:14:3225.10.2016
If any try to update MySQL 5.6.x on a Debian server with Directadmin fails, and you see that download of a archived file can not succeed due to the fact of the missing file. Here is a way on how to solve it.
| 14:33:0606.10.2016
Want to have nginx_mainline installed on your server to gain from using HTTP/2, here are new-way instructions on how to install it with an automatic script.
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