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WordPress Multisite Domain Mapping on Directadmin server

| 11:08:33 09.11.2016

There are two ways to deal with WordPress Multisite on Directadmin powered server, and you should choose one according to your preferences and requirements.

First of all you should ask yourself a question:

Do I need separate email boxes per domain?

Please answer the question now and it will help to determine a way which you will go further while setting domain mapping for WordPress Multisite in the control panel for web hosting Directadmin.

Separate email boxes per domain and aliases in Directadmin

If you need separate email boxes per domain, then you should never use aliases (pointers) when adding a new domain in Directadmin for WordPress Multisite, and that is why. 

Directadmin shares one password file for all mail accounts between domains which are added as aliases. 

It means that if you have,, added as aliases, then if you create, you will get aliases with names, as well (with a single disk storage and a single password). 

Thus if you are planning to give access to read, or to different users then you should add every new site in directadmin as a regular domain with its own public_html and private_html. On the moment of creation public_html can be replaced with a symlink, so that you will still be able to use WordPress Multisite and have independent mail boxes.

What else?

There are other moments which you should consider too (probably more technical and less common):

  • Web-server error and access logs (yes, aliases share them)
    If you want separate error/access logs per domain for any reason do not use aliases.

  • Aliases share stats in Directadmin (AwStats, Webalizer)
    If you need separate stats per domain in Directadmin do not use aliases.

  • Aliases share virtual-host settings (it's OK in most cases)
    But if you need custom settings for any of domains, do not add it as alias.

  • Aliases share SSL certs (do you have a multidomain cert?)
    If you want to use certs for some of domains you should not add them as aliases. SSL certs from Let's Encrypt can include several domains in one cert, that's true. And how many domains do you have?

Of course you can mix it and add some domains as aliases if you don't want to have separate logs, stats, mailboxes, settings for it, and add other ones as independent domains if you want to separate them for any mentioned reasons.

Need help?

Please contact us if you need our help regarding the matter and/or automation of the process.

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