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The request was made without a referer header and will not be immediately followed.

| 22:06:30 21.03.2019

Why do I see a page with "The request was made without a referer header and will not be immediately followed" when I browse DirectAdmin?

Am I hacked?

No, no. You are safe here.

In DirectAdmin version 1.56 a new layer of a protection was introduced. And now if you type an URL of a Directadmin page manually in a browser's address bar, for example to quickly switch to another domain in a DNS editor you will get the error. It does not mean the control panel is broken on your server, it does not mean a template or skin is corrupted. Just click the link it offers if the command shown in details is yours and proceed to a page: 

If you wish to follow this URL anyway, click the link to continue with the missing header.

Why it happens? 

Every time when you click a link on a web-page to load a new page a piece of information is sent to a server, and Directadmin is not an exception here, it receives your request and validates it, if no referer is sent or it was sent from unexpected port or URL, then you will get the warning. This is done to protect you against possible hackers attacks.

Probably the developers will make the warning more nice looking in a next release.

That's it for now.

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