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System Backup fails to upload to a remote server via SCP

| 20:09:04 05.05.2016

If System Backup on your Directadmin server fails to upload to a remote storage via SCP, and you are sure that RSA/DSA key is fine and there is not issue with connectivity, then here is a possible reason and a solution. 

Configure Full System Backup in DirectAdmin to use remote incremental file-by-file transfer.

A system backup (aka sysbk) on Directadmin server allows incremental file-by-file transfer to a remote SCP server (see settings on the attached image). And due to how scp works it will certainly drop errors similar to the following:

     Transferring httpd.conf.tar.gz to scp: backups/05-06-16/custom/etc/httpd/conf/: No such file or directory
     Transferring httpd.conf.md5 to scp: backups/05-06-16/custom/etc/httpd/conf/: No such file or directory

SCP cannot create necessary directory structure in such a case, and therefore transfer fails.

In order to solve the issue download a patch from here or/and run this:

# cd /usr/local/sysbk/internals
# wget -O internals.sysbk.patch
# patch < internals.sysbk.patch

You should see the following result:

patching file internals.sysbk

Have fun!

P.S. md5 sum of internals.sysbk before patching:

760bec1bff92abb767dbeb7aabb8835d  internals.sysbk

md5 sum of internals.sysbk after patching:

012cb709a00f4ea50a29947b98b23dca  internals.sysbk


Directadmin servers now should contain a patched version of the internals.sysbk. So you can simply download it from there

Attention, if you unpack sysbk.tar.gz over the existing installation, your custom configuration will be lost.

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