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A simple script to update Directadmin from beta/stable channel per your needs

| 11:34:50 03.10.2017

We've prepared a simple script which makes updating Directadmin version from beta / stable channel easier. Upload it to your server and use it per your needs.

Stable vs Beta?

The "stable" version of DirectAdmin differs from "beta" in a number of included features, which have been added into the control panel since the last "stable" release. It's not that "beta" is less stable or less secure. It's only about features newly added. DirectAdmin developers might update "beta" version every day and even several times in a day.

1. Install it:

cd /root/
chmod 755

2. Run to install a pre-release version:

./ beta

3. Run to install a stable version:

./ stable

The script will try and auto-detect UID and LID. If it fails then you will need to run the script with options --lid=1234 and --uid=567

./ beta --lid=1234 --uid=567


./ stable --lid=1234 --uid=567

where you will need to use

  • a real License ID instead of 1234
  • a real Client ID instead of 567

You can find License ID and Client ID on a page "Licensing/Updates" in Directadmin at admin level.

Save OS version in DirectAdmin conf

As of the version: 0.5-beta (Thu Jun 27 10:19:12 +07 2019) a new action save_os has been added. It will add os_override in directadmin.conf. Please note, a version of DirectAdmin v.1.57.2+ is required to support save_os action.

Use cases:

  • CentOS 7 server is running with a License of Directadmin for CentOS 6 which is given by a server provider
  • Debian 9 server is running with a License of Directadmin for Debian 8 which is given by a server provider

and so on.

In order to fix possible issues with MySQL/MariaDB packages you should install DirectAdmin compiled for CentOS 7. By default a version which matches a DirectAdmin license will be installed, i.e. CentOS 6.

Example of usage:

cd /root/
chmod 755

List supported OS:

./ list_os

CentOS 7 can be found in a line with ES_7.0_64 with a code c9.

So we install DirectAdmin stable compiled for CentOS 7.x

./ stable --os=c9

Add os_override into directadmin.conf with the following command:

./ save_os --os=c9

The os_override option will tell DirectAdmin to download/install a selected version of the panel, ignoring OS version written in a license.

Install DirectAdmin compiled for CentOS 7:

if a license is issued for another OS version

cd /root/
wget -O
chmod 755
./ save_os --os=c9
./ stable --os=c9

Install DirectAdmin compiled for Debian 9:

if a license is issued for another OS version

cd /root/
wget -O
chmod 755
./ save_os --os=e9
./ stable --os=e9

Good luck ;)

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