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DirectAdmin is a web panel for a simple administration of both virtual and dedicated servers. DirectAdmin is faster, safe and more powerful than any other CP. And we know how to customize and support it.

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| 14:03:2607.06.2022
Found Gateway 502 error on an AlmaLinux 8 server with nginx+apache. And here is a possible solution.
| 15:38:5909.12.2021
There is a typo in DirectAdmin script /usr/local/directadmin/scripts/startips which breaks adding additional IPs on a network interface, and nginx fails to start as a result of it.
| 13:04:1505.11.2021
A final version of OpenSSL 3.0.0 is now available for downloading. And we can build NGINX against it. Here is a short how-to.
| 18:41:5307.10.2021
As of September 30, 2021 as planned, the DST Root CA X3 cross-sign has expired. And old devices including servers under CentOS 6 are reporting broken chain or failed peer when trying to connect to a secure protocol protected by a Let's Encrypt certificate. And here is a quick solution for servers with DirectAdmin.
| 22:15:3509.03.2021
MariaDB dropped support for CentOS 6. There are no new rpm-packages for this OS version.
| 16:04:5609.01.2021
Should you see any TLS/SSLrelated errors "tls_post_process_client_hello:no shared cipher" in Exim's logs the reason might be still the same. Check the details here
| 00:00:2430.09.2020
NGINX fails to start after an upgrade of DirectAdmin and the web-server with the error [emerg] unknown directive "|NGINX_REDIRECTS|". Here is a short guide on how to deal with it. 
| 19:06:0313.08.2020
ClamAV stopped and does not start any longer. And directadmin alerts: The service 'clamd' on server is currently down. Here is a possible cause and solution.
| 00:47:1807.06.2020
Since the version 1.61.0 of DirectAdmin a jailed shell and jailed cron are supported. This can be achieved with a help of BubbleWrap the unprivileged sandboxing tool. On Linux servers it gives another layer of a security, and restricts users.
| 21:43:2217.04.2020
At the moment of the publication DirectAdmin can install the following PHP extensions: gmp, ioncube, imagick, imap, opcache, phalcon, suhosin, xmlrpc, zend. The listed extensions can be installed server-wide for all PHP versions.
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