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DirectAdmin is a web panel for a simple administration of both virtual and dedicated servers. DirectAdmin is faster, safe and more powerful than any other CP. And we know how to customize and support it.

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After years of working through the most complex Directadmin server challenges our team has gathered valuable experience and universal solutions, suitable for everyday tasks. Here we share some ideas on how to cope with some of them.
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Since DirectAdmin version 1.55.0 allows to manage SSH keys at admin, reseller, user level. Here are some insights.

I've got a Directadmin server with Exim+Dovecot+RoundCube. Is there a way to let users create autoresponder via webmail?

My system_filter.exim was overwritten after update, how to avoid it?
Exim drops an error: Exim configuration error in line 929 of /etc/exim.conf: failed to open included configuration file /etc/exim.spamassassin.conf. Here is a possible solution.
I've got my site not working due to the expired SSL cert. Directadmin did not renew my cert and it's expired now. What to do?
A sample on how to create a new file with a specified content from a PHP script using Directadmin API call to CMD_API_FILE_MANAGER.
MariaDB upgrade fails on Debian 8.x with Directadmin, and here is a possible solution.
Ability to encrypt backups from all levels will be available with a new release of Directadmin, and it can be already tested with a pre-release binary. Implemented to be GDPR compliant.
The mcrypt extension has been abandonware for some time already, and was also fairly complex to use. It has therefore been deprecated by PHP developers in favor of OpenSSL in PHP 7.1, and it was removed from the core and moved into PECL in PHP 7.2. Here is another guide on how to install PECL extension under Linux.
For those who uses Nginx+Apache, here is a quick fix of another possible bug. The bug introduced since Apache 2.4.33. Apache fails to read IPs from the file, hence PHP script see a wrong client IP.
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We are a team of professionals, and specialize in installation, configuring and managing of remote virtual and dedicated servers powered by Linux/Unix-like OS with DirectAdmin. We support various sets of software, including web-servers Apache, Nginx; internet domain name servers Bind, PowerDNS; mail-servers with POP3, IMAP and SMTP, FTP-servers, etc. After years of working through the most complex server challenges our team has gathered valuable expirience and universal solutions suitable for everyday tasks. We are here to lend you a helping hand and take care of your servers in order to let you have enough time to do more of what you love.

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